In our event kitchen, we believe that enjoying the special events on different occasions is part of our lives. We are passing by the sale’s promotional booths in the supermarket, participating in the conferences, celebrating anniversaries, clinging the glasses at the weddings and passionately buying our festival’s tickets. Aware or not – we are engaged in events at some point.

The Special Events – their uniqueness, concept and intangible presence in the businesses reminds us how passionate we are when preparing the company’s annual event, how dedicate we are once facing with the challenge of creating the event’s concept and how abstract but so present are the happenings in our lives.

Granted with the Master diploma in Events Marketing and Management from London Metropolitan University, since 2009 I was part of various events’ teams across Europe. Facing different cooking challenges and meeting people with different tastes for their events led me to the idea of creating this professional portfolio.

Therefore I am introducing you the possibility of systematic assistance in organizing and supervising the events, necessity that me and my team could provide to your business. Hence, lean back in your office and check what type of event you are up for organizing once the opportunity comes across for your business. We are more than happy to help you.

Sincerely yours, Vartan Surmejan, MA


Еvent Concept

A delicious starter made of mixed ideas, scratched on the chart board, touched with your

Sales Promotion

Light dish of well exposed products and services displayed in front of your clients, served at place of your choice!

Event Analysis

Taste variety of concepts proposed by our Chef, carefully chosen from the shelf, well suited to your business, spiced with our professional tips and tricks

The Main Events


Fresh, watery layout staged in hotel or conference hall carefully served with your company’s branding. Tailored seating and professional technical support as a side dish.


Treat your guests with your favorite event! Revoke your memories, imagine good wishes for the
future and ask us for some topping made of special materials for decoration that we use!
Serving suggestion: ideally to be enjoyed with friends, family or colleagues


Due to various preferences and serving suggestions we strongly advise the user of this cook to contact us.



Depends of the season, try our skills in preparing, cooking and serving professional solutions for mixed concerts, theatre plays, exhibitions, films and design competitions


Event feedback and Report

Enjoy this sweet and creamy feedback carefully baked on the experience that we had together at your event, served with future recommendations.

Customer Relationship Management

We like to make events but also we encourage our customers to cook on their own. Once the event is done, serve your guests this outstanding and carefully chosen attention and remind them that their taste means to you. A lot!



“Vartan’s extensive experiences and qualifications have singled him out as one of the most valuable candidates among hundreds of applications we had received. Working in the Protocol, which is one of the central departments, Vartan demonstrated his capacity to communicate and coordinate across the whole spectre of the Festival organising team…
Additionally, Vartan was the protocol officer in charge of the largest screening venue of the Festival – HT Open Air Cinema, which hosts over 3.000 spectators. As the representative of the Protocol Department at this venue, Vartan was responsible for production of daily protocol for ceremonies that took place before or after the screenings.
Vartan had carried out all the duties assigned to him with the utmost professionalism and dedication. He is reliable, punctual and well-organised. With his positive attitude, pleasant personality and excellent team spirit he has been a real asset to my team.”
Mr. Nihad Brankovic, Head of Protocol - Sarajevo Film festival

“Vartan gained a substantial level of experience within the marketing sector, while working with Born in London. Although he was engaged in academic research, it provided him with the current "state of art" experience and skills, and enhanced our marketing efforts for future perspectives. Vartan was a pleasure to work with, and was extremely calm competent and professional at all times. He offered a lot of his knowledge to our business.”
Ms. Georgina Fernandez, the co-founder of BORN



“I had opportunity to meet Mr. Vartan Surmejan at 2009 when he was in Ljubljana, Slovenia to assist the organizational board of the Festival for Creative Communication "Magdalena" to improve the festival's service strategy for the new edition forthcoming at 2O10. …we have opportunity to invite Mr. Surmejan at the Magdalena festival where he staged two days’ workshop on Event's Marketing Management subject. The workshop finds on positive response to our guests and visitors and was inevitably an added value to the Magdalena festival.”
Mr. Uros Blazic - Vice President of Festival Magdalena


“We were collaborating with Mr. Vartan Surmejan during the project on “Best Furniture Design Competition” that our company staged at the beginning of 2012. Namely, at the time, our company organized the competition on furniture design solutions that were further efficiently incorporated in our current business offer. Mr. Surmejan is talented Event’s Marketing Management professional.”

Mr. Kire Krstevski, General Manager at Punkt Moebel, Skopje


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